What should be the ratio of your Soil composite and how much should it cost?

Garden soil for karachiOnce you have prepped your garden area now is the time to put in the soil composite. The basis soil composite used us 1/3 kaali khaad (black manure soil) and 2/3 bhallu mitti (filtered sand).  Rates vary from location to location but this is the part which you must not save on, as the whole garden is standing on this, your grass, plants and trees are all dependent to the quality of composite beneath it.

To get an idea of how much the soil composite cost, an average lawn costing should have 1/3rd price for composite, 1/3rd for grass and 1/3rd for plants. And yes soil composite and grass are expensive part of a lawn. Don’t be astonished when you feel that plants are cheaper than the composite and grass to be installed. It’s an essential part of a garden and splurging here won’t hurt.

Once you have setup the garden with top quality soil and sand. Your garden is nearly there.


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