Which grass is best for your lawn?

Next is to choose what type of grass you are going to go for. This part Is very essential. Choosing the right kind of grass is the key to successful garden. Regardless of fancy, expensive or hard to find plants, shrubs or trees you got, a patchy lawn ruins the whole landscape.

Grass for LandscapingMost people like the feel of Bermuda grass also known as American grass in market. There are two variations of these also, one is Korean American Grass which is a cross of Korean and Bermuda grass. As the name suggest its half Bermuda and half Korean. So not as soft as Bermuda grass but hardy like Korean grass. But in any case this type of grass needs a lot of water. You can water twice a day if you can, it won’t hurt the grass and will stay greener.

If you can water once daily, then go for Korean grass which is good to look at but not soft like a carpet feel which comes with the Bermuda grass. If you can water on alternate days or are short on water, the best choice is Dhaka grass which is the normal grass you find in parks and public places. Keep in mind, water is needed in any case.

There’s no such grass which would stay green and not patchy without water except you lay a astro turf/artificial grass which also fades under excessive sun and only looks good for a week or so. Every grass requires fertilizer also. You should fertilize your grass every 3-4 weeks with a ‘N’ based fertilizer. Every fertilizer comes with a gage of NPK. N mean nitrogen which flourishes and keep the green part greener, P is for Phosphorus and K is for Potassium. So keep your grass greener with regular application of a ‘N’ based fertilizer.


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