Which Plants and Trees are best for Karachi weather?

Plants for KarachiMoving on to plants. Make a wall alongside the plants area so your grass won’t reach the under areas of the plants which don’t give a cleaner look.  If you choose not to use a wall some people also use mulch or small pebbles to keep the area clean. If you plan to install lighting, this is the time to lay down water proof wiring and lights. Use a professional for these tasks as thing can get very dangerous very fast if you don’t know what you are doing. Due to water application on a daily basis a professional would know how to water proof the wires and lighting equipment.

Best plants which work in all seasons are palms (Kangi, Bottle, China, Golden and etc.), Jatrophas, China Rose, Dry Sinnia (Purple and Green), Bonsai’s & more. To get the best out of your selection it is recommended to visit a nursery and pick the plants which you like the most. Flowering plants are seasonal, so ask beforehand which ones you want to bloom in which part of the year. Seasonal flowering plants are recommended for pots as the flowers come in and go within a quarter of the year. So if you want flowers all year round in your garden it is recommended to buy and put them in your flower pots and replace them every season with flowering plants which are in season.

Best trees you can put in a garden are Goldmore, Neem, Champa and Alstonia. There are many varieties out there but these are my favorites which when fully grown gives a beautiful look and feel to the garden.


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